About us

The Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (BCBC) is based in Toronto and works to foster contacts and relationships for our members who share an interest in developing business and trade opportunities between Canada and Belgium.

Our aim is to raise awareness of Belgium in the economic and media capital of Canada by organizing events that focus on business in the manufacturing, service and creative industries. The BCBC is not an ex-pat group or a cultural organization. Membership is open to anyone interested in developing or expanding their business relationship with Belgium.

In 2022, the BCBC received the accreditation of The Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce – the umbrella organization of all accredited Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and Belgian Chambers abroad. Read more…

Board of Directors


Honorary Chairman: H.E. Patrick Van Gheel, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Canada.

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Non-voting Directors

 Xavier Van Overmeire, President *. LinkedIn profile

 Anne Popoff, Vice-President and Event Director *. LinkedIn Profile

Gratia Derde, CEO and Gala Director *. LinkedIn Profile

 Martin Cloutier, Vice-President and Treasurer * LinkedIn Profile 
  Matthias Dedobbeleer, Director subcommittee for Young Professionals * LinkedIn Profile
 Bethany Doyle, Director. LinkedIn Profile
 Joel Mandelbaum, Director IT.  LinkedIn Profile
 Guy McClelland, Director. LinkedIn Profile
 Neil Roy, Director. LinkedIn Profile
 Taïs Bangala, Director. LinkedIn Profile
Olivier Belenger, Director. Profile

Anita Bandari, Membership Director & Marketing support *. LinkedIn Profile

 Gregory Petit Dufrenoy, Director Partnerships * LinkedIn Profile

 Frederic Landtmeters, Director. LinkedIn Profile

 Sébastien Dillien, Director. LinkedIn Profile

 Maxime Ramon, Embassy representative *. LinkedIn Profile.

NOTE: *Members of Executive Committee

Non-voting Directors

Past President: Dominiek Arnout

Executive Director & Board Secretary: Idalia Obregón

Honorary Director: Don Johnston (Honorary Consul of Belgium in Toronto)

Honorary Director: Gilles Brédas (Brussels Region)

Honorary Director: Yves Lapère (Flanders)

Honorary Director: Frank Murari (Wallonia)

About Belgium

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