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EU Film Festival: Nov 12-28, 2021Featuring Belgium’s film: Into Dad’s WoodsH.E. Patrick Van Gheel, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Canada in Toronto Thanks for joining us!
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The Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (BCBC) is based in Toronto and works to foster contacts and relationships for our members who share an interest in developing business and trade opportunities between Canada and Belgium.

Our aim is to raise awareness of Belgium in the economic and media capital of Canada by organizing events that focus on business in the manufacturing, service and creative industries.

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Become a key participant in the BCBC and help us create and curate our offerings.

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Benefits of joiniNG


Corporate Members

Thought Leadership


Gain insights and interact with leaders in business, politics, economics and cultural space.


Set yourself apart from the competition by positioning your company as a leader in its field.

Curated Networking


Participation in roundtable discussions; warm introductions to members of the Belgian community in Canada.


CEO to CEO introductions, invitations to chair roundtables; one-on-one meetings with government officials.



Discounted access to events organized by the BCBC and affiliate institutions.


Opportunity to sponsor events; act as a keynote its speaker at our events; com-plimentary attendance to certain events.

Becoming a member of the BCBC is easy

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Arco Canada joined BCBC in 2019, a division of our 25-year-old Belgian parent. We continue to benefit from BCBC’s innovative approaches to drive value for its members. We have great opps for networking with Belgian and EU chamber members. I especially enjoy the “mandatory” requirements that all BCBC events must have a business and a social aspect.who says you can’t have both? BCBC makes our membership a real pleasure to renew.
David Downey, Partner ArcoInfo Inc. BCBC Partner
David Downey, Partner ArcoInfo Inc.
With the help of BCBC we continue to make our mark on the Canadian market. Our North American office, located in Toronto can count on the necessary support of their qualified staff.
Together with BCBC we get in touch with innovative Canadian partners, and the appropriate contacts. In the future, we will continue to rely on BCBC’s established network and grow internationally.
Jo Pannecoucke, Founding Father TAKEAIR Biospheric Ventilation BCBC Corporate Member
Jo Pannecoucke, Founding Father TAKEAIR Biospheric Ventilation
The BCBC allows people to connect in an uncomplicated Belgian way with a drink, some fries and especially great friendly people. Over the last years the Belgian community has graciously supported our work at SickKids for children with heart disease through the yearly St-Nicolas event. It speaks for the warm heart the community has and I am very grateful to BCBC for supporting our work. I am a proud member and hope we can continue to work together towards healthier children for a better world.
Luc Mertens, MD, PhD The Hospital for Sick ChildrenBCBC Individual Member
Luc Mertens, MD, PhD The Hospital for Sick Children
Being new in Canada, it was a pleasure to participate in the BCBC events in Toronto. From the relaxed Frites nights to the more serious (but not too serious!) Politics and beers night.
BCBC is a great way to meet new people and share interests!
Michaël Marchandise, CDK GlobalBCBC Individual Member
Michaël Marchandise, CDK Global
It is a pleasure being part of the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber.
It is a great network to get to know other Belgian companies and be part of the community
Lotte Andersson, Barry CallebautBCBC Corporate Member
Lotte Andersson, Barry Callebaut
The BCBC has been a wonderful organization to network and meet a wide range of business owners and professionals that are part of the Belgian community. Whether you are looking to grow your business or just meeting other individuals that are part of the Belgian community, the BCBC is fantastic. Don’t miss out on the amazing wine and beer tasting events!
David Koo, CFO SourceBCBC Corporate Member
David Koo, CFO Source
I am honoured to have been a member of the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber since 2012, both as an ordinary member and now, ex officio, as honorary consul for Belgium in Ontario. BCBC provides a warm welcome to both Belgian businesses in Canada and Canadian enterprises that want to do business with Belgium. Its networking events are great and it’s easy to make wonderful friends and meet new contacts.
Donald B. JohnstonHonorary Consul for the Kingdom of Belgium, Toronto
Donald B. Johnston
It’s my pleasure to be Honorary Member of the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber. It’s the perfect networking place for both Belgian businesses in Canada and Canadian companies having a connection with Belgium. I hope to meet you soon at one of their events.
Yves Lapere, Head of the Economic Mission of FlandersConsulate General of Belgium, Montreal
Yves Lapere, Head of the Economic Mission of Flanders
Belgium and Canada are strong partners in a globalized economy. Our bilateral trade and investments are flourishing, and the EU-Canada CETA free trade agreement is adding extra impetus to that positive trend. Thumbs up to our businessmen and –women. And bravo to the very dynamic Belgian Canadian Business Chamber for being, for so many years now, a driving force in connecting Belgian and Canadian entrepreneurship. The BCBC’s networking events simply work. With that very Belgian mix of savoir-faire and savoir vivre. And with Canada and Toronto at its heart.
Johan Verkammen, Ambassador of Belgium to CanadaHere to foster Belgian-Canadian friendship
Johan Verkammen, Ambassador of Belgium to Canada
It is always such a pleasure to meet with BCBC members when I am in Toronto. There is no better way to keep track of what is happening in the business community and make new connections.
Gilles Brédas Conseiller économique et commercialConsulat général de Belgique
Gilles Brédas Conseiller économique et commercial


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