The BCBC is a dynamic and thriving business chamber dedicated to promoting economic growth, supporting Belgian – Canadian businesses, and fostering a vibrant Belgian-Canadian business community in Toronto. We are committed to providing valuable resources, networking opportunities and advocacy for our members and partners.

Mandate of the Executive Director of the BCBC.

The Executive Director of the BCBC is a responsible for overseeing and actively participate in the day-to-day operations, implementing the chamber’s strategic direction, and ensuring the organization effectively serves its members/partners and the broader Belgian -Canadian business community. This role involves coordinating programs, advocating for Belgian-Canadian businesses, and maintaining relationships with stakeholders:

The Executive Director plays a pivotal role in leading the chamber to achieve its mission, enhance the Belgian-Canadian business environment, and contribute to the economic vitality of the community. This role demands effective communication, operational excellence, and the ability to navigate multiple tasks.

Nature of the position:

This is a nice opportunity for someone with some experience with activities of business Chambers


How to apply:
Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and cover letter outlining their qualifications and experience to . Please include “Director Application – your name – in the subject line. The deadline for applications is October 8th 2023.

The BCBC is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.

Roles and responsibilities

Strategic planningCollaborate with the executive committee to develop and implement the chamber’s strategic plan, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission and goals.

Executive Committee CollaborationWork closely with the executive committee to contribute to the execution of the chamber’s mission, vision, and strategies.

Operational ManagementManage the day-to-day operations of the chamber, ensuring efficient execution of programs, events, and services. The corporate governance of the BCBC : invites for the meetings in collaboration with the President and CEO – minutes of the meetings – contribute to the preparation of the financial statements

Program DevelopmentExecute programs, events, workshops, and services that provide value to chamber members/partners and foster Belgian-Canadian business growth.

Financial managementFollow up on the revenue and payment of expenses – invoicing – AR and AP 

Membership EngagementContribute to the development of strategies to attract and retain members, ensuring they receive value from their chamber affiliation

Community EngagementFoster relationships with community leaders, government agencies, educational institutions, and other entities to promote Belgian- Canadian economic development

Partnerships and collaborationsContribute to Identifying and cultivating strategic partnerships with other organizations, enhancing the BCBC’s reach and impact

Membership servicesFollow up of the execution of member services that cater to the needs of businesses and promote growth.

Networking Eventsparticipate in the planning and execution of high-quality networking events, conferences, and seminars that foster business connections and knowledge sharing.

Feedback and improvementGather feedback from members and stakeholders to continually improve BCBC programs and services

Relationship buildingCultivate relationships with partners, sponsors, and other key stakeholders to expand the BCBC’s reach and impact

Collaboration Collaborate with all committee members, to ensure the execution of the BCBC’s activities

Continual Improvement Regularly assess and improve the processes and systems to enhance efficiency and accuracy in the operations of the BCBC – gather feedback from members and stakeholders for that purpose.

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