We are pleased to introduce Collaboration Betters The World (CBTW), a globally renowned tech solutions company driven by collaboration. At its core is a simple yet profound belief: collaboration fuels innovation and success.

CBTW is founded on collaboration. Through collective efforts, we engineer tech and business solutions that address challenges and illuminate a path toward a promising future. This belief isn’t just about business goals – it extends to shaping a better future for our teams, communities, and the planet. Our commitment to carbon neutrality and investment of 3% of our 2025 revenue in global education initiatives reflect our strategy and purpose.

Operating in over 20 countries, we blend international expertise with localized insights. This synergy empowers us to craft tailored solutions delivering tangible impact, regardless of borders.

Our integrated service lines offer a comprehensive spectrum of capabilities, spanning from crafting strategic AI initiatives to pioneering novel business avenues. Our integrated divisions reflect our holistic expertise in strategy, design, and technology, while also encompassing specialized industry focus in banking, manufacturing, and life sciences. 

In our industry, partnerships are the cornerstone. We engage closely with business and software vendors, ensuring the selection of technologies that align seamlessly with our clients’ distinct requirements.

Guided by the Collaborative Operating Model (COM), innovation and knowledge flow across our organization. Supported by Delivery Centers spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America, we effectively harness global expertise and deliver solutions on an international scale. 

Quantifiable achievements underscore our capability: operating in 35+ cities, generating 300 million Euros in revenue, and establishing key partnerships with 15 influential players. CBTW is primed for continued expansion and innovation.

As CBTW participates within the Belgium Business Chamber in Canada (BCBC), we anticipate a journey marked by innovation, camaraderie, and growth.

For more information please contact:


Co-Founder (CEO – The Americas), CBTW

+1 416 846 0372 / david.dzialowski@cbtw.tech

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