On 7 June, we are going to Spain, with the CCBLE – Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in Spain.

Spain has experienced a true metamorphosis in the last 35 years. Its entry into the EU in 1986 was accompanied by huge investments that enabled it to fully integrate economically and culturally into the European tradition in record time.

The 2008 crisis, which became a double crisis for Spain (economic and financial), forced the country to pursue the modernisation of its economic model vigorously, an evolution that is still ongoing.

An entrepreneur once expressed it as follows: “in Spain, you can still be the first”.

What is more, an unspoilt, highly educated young generation of talent awaits you, with an irresistible drive to work.

We give the floor to Juan Albiñana, the young director of the Chamber based in Madrid.

Would you like to learn more and rid yourself of certain clichés or prejudices?

Then don’t miss the meeting on June the 7th!

The day previous to the event, the Teamslink will be sent to all who have registered.

Tuesday 7 June 2022 11:00  AM CET – register here.

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