Invest Ottawa held the third event of its new international trade program series last Monday Sept 12th and the topic this time was the upcoming Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement or CETA). This was a timely event as CETA is the main item on the agenda of the upcoming Canada-EU summit in Brussels Oct 27th and 28th. The session was well attended with participants from a variety of fields from business, academia, government, finance, logistics to NGO’s, all very interested in the development of exchanges and cooperation between Canada and the European Union.
The first two events of the series, on Canada’s current Free Trade Agreements on July 11th, followed by a session on Brexit on August 23rd were very well attended too and led to fruitful exchanges between participants.
The program continues with a seminar on Exporting to the US on September 26th, then the Basics of the importing process on October 17th and the one on the Basics of the exporting process will end the season on Nov 14th.
Participants expressed an interest in sessions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership as well as trade with Latin America, so these topics will likely be added in the new year.
Invest Ottowa’s mission is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a business. The organisation delivers collaborative development programs, initiatives and trainings that increase entrepreneurial momentum and jobs in the City of Ottawa and its surrounding region.
Christine Evans, Invest Ottawa’s Entrepreneurship Services Advisor, can be reached at (613) 828-6274 ext. 253 and email at
The international trade program was developed in partnership with Solimpex, an Ottawa and Montréal based consultancy and training organisation headed by Christian Sivière.
Christian can be reached at (514) 652-2557 by email at

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