According to preliminary estimates just published by Eurostat, the Euro area recorded an international trade surplus in goods of €29.2 billion in June, while the surplus for the EU28 as a whole was €7.7 billion.
The first estimate for euro area (EA19) exports of goods to the rest of the world in June 2016 was €178.8 billion, a decrease of 2% compared to June 2015. Imports from the rest of the world stood at €149.5 billion, a fall of 5% compared to June 2015. Intra-euro area trade fell to €150.2 billion in June 2016, down by 1% compared with June 2015.
Looking at individual country statistics, the best performers in the EU28 were:
Germany (132.8 bn)
The Netherlands (29.5 bn)
Ireland (24.2 bn)
Italy (23.3 bn)
Belgium (12.3 bn)
Czech Republic (10.9 bn)
Denmark (4.9 bn)
Poland (4.2 bn)
Hungar (4.1 bn)
And the worse performers (with a deficit) were:
United Kingdom (-102.3 bn)
France (-31.6 bn)
Greece (-9.5 bn)
Spain (-8.6 bn)
Portugal (-5 bn)
Romania (-4.5 bn)
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Source: Eurostat

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