We’re pleased to announce that on February 26th, 2015 the Belgian Canadian Business Chamber (BCBC) entered into a new partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Canada-Belgium-Luxembourg (CanCham BeLux). This partnership was signed in Wevelgem (near Kortrijk) by Mr. Dominiek Arnout, President & Chief Executive Officer of the BCBC, and Mr. JP Tanghe, Chairman of CanCham BeLux.
Thanks to this new partnership, the BCBC and CanCham BeLux will defend the general interests of bilateral business between Belgium and Canada, and regularly exchange information of interest with a view to further promote bilateral economic links between Belgium and Canada. Members of each party who are visiting the jurisdiction of the counterpart organization shall have member access to the latter’s events.
If you would like more information on this partnership, please email us at info@belgiumconnect.com.
Partnership signing - BCBC CanCham BeLux

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