ADP is a not for profit association which used to organize language journeys in Europe and the US  during the eighties and nineties but nowadays  is  mostly involved with procuring internships for Belgian and French students in the greater Vancouver area. These internships comprehend most of the economic  activities ( e.g. communication, education, fashion, management, marketing, insurance, logistics, sales, adminstration, NGO and many more). They last  at least 3 months.
Ranchstays  and hospitality stays are also offered.
ADP is the Belgian agent for the Canadian organisation Internex which actually organizes the traineeships.
Furthermore ADP is also agent for Seneca College in Toronto.
ADP is willing to work together with organizations that provide students with internships in Toronto or the greater Toronto area. We are also available for any other educational project that might include collaboration between Belgian and Canadian students.
For more information please contact:
vzw ADP
Kleiputstraat 8  B-8500 Kortrijk
T +32 56 25 48 78  Mob +32 486 622 626

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