On Nov 12, 2013, our keynote speakers shared with us valuable information on why Wallonia is the place to go!
Because of its proximity to Brussels, capital of Europe, Wallonia is at the heart of one of the largest concentrations of wealth in the world. Belgium is among the top 10 destinations for foreign direct investment worldwide. With 6 multimodal logistics parks, 130 business parks, investment incentives up to 35% and a 2.58 Cushman & Wakefield score – everybody wants to go to Wallonia!!
Not only Wallonia’s infrastructure and optimal geographical position is attractive, we also have tax incentives to make you take a good look at ourselves, highlights Belgian tax regime:
a) Wide treaty coverage and WHT exemptions
b) Attractive holding company regime
c) Lenient interest deductibility rules – no baskets of income
d) Excess profit rulings
e) Patent income deduction and other R&D incentives
f) Unique notional interest deduction
g) Special expat regime
h) Well established ruling practice
i) No tax consolidation
Naturally, they also mentioned the new opportunities for Canada-EU operations when the trade agreement CETA enters into force, which we will be waiting for…
For pics of the event please click here

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